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"My wife and I tried many different companies to service our cabin. We finally can sleep knowing our property is being serviced by someone we can trust. They came out 30 min after we called to start off and they didn't make us feel inferior when asking them all the questions we had. They're always on time and I couldn't believe how much money they saved us compared to most of those corporate companies! I would give these guys a try if your out on the market for a pest guy. Keep up the great work Xtreme!"

Blake & Jessica

Minnesota's leader in pest solutions

"I hired Xtreme just over a year ago for ALL 6 of my restaurants and I cant say enough how happy I am with these guys! They saved me money to start off and they always communicate when they're coming and what they find when they're done with services. I'm so happy that I made a change!"

Andy R.

This company is educated !!!

"We tried several different companies the last couple of years at our grain storage sheds and always have been dealing with rat issues. None of the other companies could ever totally eradicate these issues for us until we hired Xtreme Pest Solutions. I sat down with these guys and they educated me on "Bait Rotation" meaning, always changing up the different types of rodenticides, because rodents will build a resistance to a bait if continuously used. I looked back on all service records on the past 24 months and sure enough, these other companies used the same baits every service! Did I tell you I haven't seen a rat since I hired Xtreme and that goes for all our locations. Its nice to see these guys take their job seriously and its refreshing to see my elevators rodent free again! "

Thank you so much Xtreme !

Kevin T.

Halal Markets

"We had a bad insect issues and we didn't know what to do. I called Xtreme to come inspect and they were here within an hour of my phone call! They inspected and informed us of several structural issues that we were unaware of and they also taught us about certain sanitation techniques to help solve these issues. I'm not a expert on these pest issues and when I asked questions, I got answers. I trust these guys to handle all my stores for many reasons and when you try them out, you'll see why! "

Thanks again XPS

Muhammad A.​


"I have 9 properties in Mpls and I switched to Xtreme and couldn't be more happy with that decision. The owner Beau eradicated all my mice issues and answered all my questions. One thing that blew my mind is that these guys actually pick up their phone when me or my maintenance guy calls. Quick and friendly service and to top it all off, they saved me money on top of taking care of all my pest issues! Thanks again Beau and give these guys a call if you haven't yet!"

 Tim P.


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We attempted to use 3 different companies at both of our Mexican restaurants before we hired Xtreme Pest Solutions. Its only been 2 services since they started and we no longer have any issues.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Bernadina H.​

​HERE !!!

"Ok, where do I start? I'm really weird about my little girl and spiders in her room. I called Xtreme and talked to the service technician right off the bat and not some "service agent" that will have someone that will call me back. I asked probably a million questions and they answered every one and DIDNT make me feel stupid in the process. Also, I found a piece of mind when they walked me through the treatment process and were more than affordable. They made me feel calm during this process and I cant tell you enough how professional my technician was! Thank you Xtreme and my little Sara is already asking when she gets to see her bug guy again : ) "

Amy & Sara